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Pikachu doing construction work.

- under construction! -

Pikachu balancing a Pokéball on his head. Pikachu bouncing a Pokéball on his head. Pikachu balancing on a Pokéball.

enjoy these old pikachu gifs while you wait... (this isn't going to be a pokémon site, i just think they're cute.)


jan 31st, 2024: i've come back from a long hiatus. i needed time to myself because life sucks. i added a hitcounter to my sidebar so now i can see how many funky people are visiting :3

feb 14th, 2023: new parts added to the dollmaker! i don't usually write about these updates on here so it's better to just check back on the dollmaker monthly and see the new stuff, or to follow my neocities profile where i do often post updates on it.

feb 7th, 2023: made a custom doll on the revivalz base from Dollz Revival!

feb 6th, 2023: new layout is ready enough to go live! i will keep fiddling with it later so if you run into any problems they will be fixed eventually.

feb 5th, 2023: i've made a 88x31px link button!!! i'm in love with it and excited to share it.

scaled version to show off all the details i worked hard on:

My link button!

real size (feel free to use if u wanna link to me!): My link button!

also, most of u know i update some pages that aren't linked from the main page yet, such as my new art page where im currently sharing my Fairy February challenge drawings, my dollmaker project, etc! ive finally started working on a more proper layout for the site so eventually the different pages will be linked properly.

jan 1st, 2023: me and my friend drew a comic where we took turns for each page! click to read it here!

dec 10th, 2022: i made a xmas tree in PicoCAD! here's a gif, feel free to use!

dec 5th, 2022: here's a JS Paint drawing.

dec 4th, 2022: i played Hypnospace Outlaw today and it made me want to play around with old web stuff again. i haven't been creative lately due to depression and i haven't done webdesign for years. so i decided to join Neocities because that seemed like the best place to do it. it will take me a while to get going though because i don't have a lot of time and energy, so this site might look like a mess for a while... or forever... anyway, i just learnt that 'alt' text in img tags was never supposed to show in the tooltip the way it did back in IE. funny.

A pixel doll.A pixel doll.

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Pikachu in Christmas clothes. Pikachu with an envelope. Pikachu in Christmas clothes.

pikachu gifs from GifCities
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