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Fairyary (Fairy February) 2023

Feb 1st: "a faerie who had a long day at school in 2005".

Feb 2nd: random practice using Copic markers. i don't rly like how it turned out but thats ok, all drawing is practice. (i just draw straight with ink pens without sketching so there's not much room to make changes when i regret something or make a mistake.)

Feb 3rd: the opposite of the previous two - super sketchy and soft using my drawing tablet and Krita. i dont especially like this one either (and thats fine!) but i just felt like doing the opposite of what ive been doing lately, since i mostly draw with my mouse in MS Paint and stuff like that. so i thought i would go for a more classic look and actually plug in my tablet for once. variation is good for you :3 however i dont care for this kind of art much and got too bored to continue.

Feb 4th: MS Paint and mouse, as it should be.

Feb 5th: a small Pico-8 faerie! (made using Pico-8 education edition, for free!)

Feb 6th: a faerie doodle without lifting the pen (mouse in this case) and trying not to overlap lines.

Feb 7th: bat faerie.

Feb 8th: casual cyber faerie (Paint 3D).

Feb 9th: another Paint 3D faerie.

Feb 10th: another little ms paint spray can guy.

Feb 11th: today's update is faerie wings for the dollmaker! i'm posting this on feb 12th bc i did half the work yesterday and the rest today.

Feb 12th: a continuation of yesterday, today's is a custom doll using the new wings. the new legs, arms, hair and clothes will become available in the dollmaker soon enough!

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